Tuesday, July 16, 2013


When life give you lemon, you make lemonade right?
But what if the lemon doesn't give any juice?

*That how my life begin with..

Being a supportive from my back all this while, doesn't even believe what his son is doing.. I'm creating my own future right now..a big dream..beyond his power..everything was planned well..but why being so cruel to me?

All i wanted to be happy? having hope? having my big dream? seeing others smile make me happy too..

But now all ruin.. i kinda feel myself useless now..nothing can be done..nothing can be fix.. Even scar wont heal that fast.. it always there..

How long i need to battle in my dream now? give up? or just stand up and fight again?

I gotta let go my dreams and start to live my real life.. Even legend died too...

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